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Here, you’ll find resources we recommend that have helped us grow with life & our business. Some may be partner links which means we may earn coffee money if you purchase through our link. There’s never an additional cost to you and sometimes a discount. We’re appreciative, and more coffee helps us to create more of everything.


Get your thoughts flowing & your notes posted

How to Write a Thank-you Note

Your modern guide for writing thank-you notes that you & your recipient will love

Word Hippo

Can't think of that word on the tip of your tongue but can almost taste it? Find it here


Spelling and grammar check made easy

Hemingway Editor

Is there an easier way to say something? This is Earnestly your friend


From our bookshelf to yours. Audiobooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, we love them all. Have a book to recommend? Send it our way!



Keeping us sane with life and work


This keeps all of our ducks in a row


Like post-it-notes but findable


Replaces email & text for any project, beautifully


Online digital storage

Google Drive

Create & keep documents


Secure password management

Business Toolkit

For financial sustainability and impact


This keeps our books in order

Legal Zoom

Our attorney on call


Payroll simplified


Great hosting & customer service

Thrive Themes

Conversion-focused tools your website

Active Campaign

Email to grow with you


Beautiful surveys & forms


Super flexible shopping cart for subscriptions and courses


Copywriting AI tool. Great for blogs & video scripts


Sales tax calculations & filing

Surfer SEO

SEO planner & optimizer


Membership Building Workshop


Good tech makes life easier

Rhode NTG Mic

Connect via USB, audio jack, or phone

Eye Care Monitor

Flicker-free with blue light filter

Sigma 16mm 1.4 Lens

A wide angle lens that's perfect for 3'

Sony A6100

Great for livestreaming, video, & photo

Sigma 30mm 1.4 Lens

You'll be happy with this lens for 5'

Mac Mini

with the new M1 chip. An affordable powerhouse that will last


A happy life’s the basis for everything, right? Creativity, peace, productivity, impact, ease… it’s all connected. And then they’re some things that just spark joy.


Short meditations arranged in a color wheel for meditation on the fly - an app

Meditation Cushion

Buckwheat & cotton Zafu

Noise Cancelling Headphones

For 1000 different reasons, these are great


Your creativity is how you change the world & you’re already doing that. It doesn’t matter if you can’t paint or see color. You’ve got creative superpowers. Put on your cape & tap into yours. The world needs you!

Meditation for Creativity & Clarity

Relax, reboot your senses, and expand your awareness in less than 10 minutes

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