Your Butterfly Effect

& why we do what we do

It’s the idea that one small thing can create big changes.

Like the idea that a butterfly’s soft flutter in the Great Plains can cause a tsunami in the Pacific. Or a smile that you give a stranger in the checkout line can turn their entire world around.  Sometimes we never know.

Here at Bumblebee Press, we make things for you to enjoy and share. Whether it’s stationery to make it easier to send well wishes, art that sparks a conversation, or any small thing that makes it easier for you to take a little time for yourself.

This is our why:

“I must say that a bright spot for me during the pandemic has been your monthly delivery of art cards, messages, tags, stamps, writing implements, and other fun surprises to share with my pen pals and use in my family communications. What a joy and so much fun!”

“My photo doesn’t do it justice but I framed your William Morris print! It looks fabulous in our arts and crafts home.”

“I love my box whenever it arrives and whatever it contains. It’s a bright spot of loveliness amidst junk mail, catalogs and credit card solicitations. Your paper is beautiful and I love keeping a stash for my random go-to needs. Thank you!!”

Never underestimate your ability to make a moment, a day, a life better. Starting with your own.

> Your Butterfly Effect <


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“It is like getting a present every month, but even better because you get to share it with people to make them feel special too!” —Elizabeth Seidle

“This is a little treasure chest full of love that you get each month.” —Joe B.

“It’s a way to ensure a little box of beauty arrives each month. And everything inside the box is yours to share…a perfect gift”. —Amy Fitzharris

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“The items are beautiful and you won’t find them anywhere.”

—Maria Lancaster