photo by Cheri Smithson


Leave this world a better place.  Make people happy.  That’s the crux of it.  We’re committed to visiting and revisiting our processes, materials, supply & distribution, sustainability —every way that what we do impacts our planet and every one of us.  Make one minute of one day just a little better.  Bring a little joy into our world.  

The questions can sometimes be daunting:  were these scissors made with child labor?  How much water, pesticides, or toxins were used in the manufacture of this paper?  Were these forests sustainably managed?  Were the people that made this ink paid a living wage?  What is “green”?  While we don’t have all of the answers, we’re intent on looking, learning, and working to implement better practices wherever we can.  

And happiness.  Making other people happy makes us happy.  It’s contagious and makes us feel as if we’re making a difference and doing something worthwhile.  We want to make you happy, create things that bring joy and relish the process along the way.


We are passionate about learning, creating new things, developing new processes, and sharing with others. 

We are devoted to embracing challenges to make something better and being open to discovery to make the impossible possible. 

We love making beautiful things but the process itself is what fuels us:  starting with wonder, curiosity and then making enough mistakes to create something original to share.  


We started as a botanical press, with pressed botanical stationery, then pressed botanical artwork, then wholesale decor, lamps, lampshades, framed pieces, letterpress, art, and design.  We’ve done work for Ethan Allen, Terrance Conran, Sundance, hundreds of retail stores, a handful of celebrities, friends and neighbors. 

We’ve lived and breathed using old world techniques and modern know how to make new things.  Our clients are our muses, guiding us to new discoveries and challenging us to imagine, learn, and create something new.  Next on the bucket list:  a space for teaching, learning, and creative resources at